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Trapezni limovi

Trapezni limovi se koriste za pokrivanje krovova i

fasada različitih oblekata. Profilišemo bojene

pocinkovane čelične i aluminijumske limove, u

stanardnim bojama RAAL

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Termoizolacioni gradivni elementi koji se sastoje

od dve obloge i izolacione ispune, spojene u

jedinstvenu celinu. Obloge su najčešće od

profilisanih limova i koriste se kao fasadni i krovni elementi.

Sendvič Paneli

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Izolaciona Vrata

Termoizolaciona vrata se prvenstveno koriste u

prehrambenoj industriji, kao vrata za hladnjače,

mlekare, sušare, sanitarne prostorije i sl.

Vrata se proizvode po meri i zahtevu kupca, tako

da su prilagodljiva različitim objektima i namenama.

Our vision is the continuous development of both products and services, as well as the company itself, constant
cooperation with customers and solving their demands as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us

About Us

onama“Mirkovic Paneli” has been producing sandwich panels and insulating doors since 1996, and in accordance to market requirements and world trends, today’s assortment also includes molding, bending and perforation of steel sheets, CNC contour and straight cutting of polyurethane and rock wool, polyurethane spray procedure, as well as underfloor heating for cold storages.

Mission and vision

onamaThe main goal of Mirkovic Panels is the satisfaction of buyers, achieved through flexible and fast creation of solutions for the spectrum of their needs. The unique advantage is created through adaptable manufacturing process, fast delivery terms and by following of the current world trends.

The vision of the company is the constant improvement of products and services, as well as the company itself, through cooperation with buyers and a unique offer of solutions completely adapted to their needs.

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Standard color palets

Other, non-standard colors are possible on request!